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Cybersecurity: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Join us Thursday October 6th @ 1 – 2 pm EDT.
October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and a good time to remind small businesses to take cyber threats seriously. This webinar provides affordable approaches to managing 80% of cyber threats. Learn helpful tips to protect yourself, simple safeguards for your business, insightful phishing and ransomware case studies, and more!

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Feeling Vulnerable?

Cybersecurity is an essential need for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (SMOs). The greatest external threat to organizations today is cybersecurity attacks and SMOs are becoming more frequent targets each and every day. Large companies have the financial and personnel resources to manage cybersecurity issues. Smaller to Medium-Sized businesses do not have that luxury.


We are your trusted guide to Sensible Cyber

Our mission is to improve the cybersecurity health of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. In today’s digital world, data is a valuable asset and hackers are realizing that small and medium sized organizations are significantly less protected than large companies with many resources. As a small organization leader, understanding your cybersecurity health is as important to your business as understanding the health of your balance sheet.

Cybersecurity Problems, SMO

  • Cyberattacks on SMOs are increasing at an alarming pace

  • The IT team’s primary function is to ensure systems are operational, leaving cybersecurity as an additional responsibility

  • Dedicated full-time cybersecurity personnel are too expensive

  • Cybersecurity is difficult to understand and constantly evolving and becoming more challenging

  • Over 80% of cyberattacks could have been avoided if basic cybersecurity hygiene was implemented and understood by the employees


43% of data breaches involve small and medium sized businesses, yet most lack any type of cybersecurity defense plan. While no one can be 100% protected from a cyberattack, SensCy provides a cost-effective strategy that can be employed to significantly reduce your risk and ensure you can recover should an attack occur. SensCy is your trusted guide throughout your cybersecurity journey.

The SensCy Solution

We are IT and cybersecurity leaders with a combined 100+ years of industry knowledge. Our only business is cybersecurity with a focus on SMOs. We have a technology platform and real people dedicated to help you improve your cybersecurity health on an ongoing basis and in plain language.

Today, more than ever, SMOs need to be protected from cyberattacks. Yet, SMOs find cybersolutions to be expensive, complicated, and time consuming. SensCy is here to be your trusted guide; providing SMOs with an affordable, understandable, and efficient solution including the personal attention SMOs deserve to mitigate their risk.


“80% of the problem can be solved by getting the cyber hygiene correct, rather than chasing the latest advanced technology.”

*Wing VC Research note from RSA


43% of data breaches involve small businesses


424% increase in new small business cyber breaches last year


47% of small business say they have no understanding of how to protect themselves

If your organization doesn’t
understand these terms -
You’re in Cybersecurity Trouble!
These are the things that will keep you up at night!

For less than 10% of the cost of one full-time cybersecurity professional, we will:

  • Reduce the likelihood of a catastrophic event

  • Increase your ability to recover should a cyberattack occur

  • Develop a prioritized cyber health plan to improve your safety and security

  • Give you ongoing visibility regarding your cyber health

  • Have a dedicated human (not a chatbot) cybersecurity professional work with you

  • Provide immediate alerts on critical threats

  • Assist with obtaining better cybersecurity insurance at a lower cost

  • Make unbiased referrals to cybersecurity products at a discounted rate

  • Offer personalized executive cybersecurity briefings

  • Partner with either internal or external IT staff by coordinating cybersecurity policy, response planning, and training

  • Reduce the workload of IT staff by managing your cybersecurity health

  • Create an active vs. passive cybersecurity culture that will make SMOs less vulnerable to modern cybersecurity criminals

  • Help you sleep better at night!

How can you not afford to do this?

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