Our Sensible Cyber Solution

In order to prevent a successful cyberattack on your business, you need to have all these components working together under the supervision of cybersecurity experts. Our clients receive a Sensible Cyber Solution that includes all these elements:

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SensCy Score™

Cyber Advocate


Cyberhealth Plan

Cyber Policy Library

Incident Response Plan

Cyber Awareness Training

Phishing Exercises

Vulnerability Scanning
Cyber Alerts
Help with Cyber Insurance Forms
Executive Briefings

How to Get Started and What to Expect

Meaningful Results

This chart shows the average client SensCy Score prior to and after implementing the SensCy Solution. Across many industries, scores improved in the first year by over 100% significantly reducing cyber risk by eliminating vulnerabilites.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Detroit PBS has an MSP but wanted more expertise, experience, and protection in addition to what its MSP could provide. SensCy came in with a definitive plan for helping Detroit PBS.

  • This Private Equity Firm decided to invest in SensCy because they needed the services that SensCy offers.

  • Accounting Aid Society decided to invest in SensCy because they wanted to be sure that their systems were secure and their people were well-trained to avoid losing credibility with their clients.

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