Cyber Advocate

Cybersecurity services personalized for your small to medium-sized organization

We assign SMOs like yours a Cyber Advocate on day one of our cybersecurity services. Our clients sleep better at night knowing that they have access to guidance from a real cybersecurity professional, rather than an IT chatbot or a 1-800-number. After meeting with your Cyber Advocate, you will recognize them as an expert in the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and your go-to cyber resource.

  • We’ll assign you a Cyber Advocate – a dedicated cybersecurity professional
  • Your Cyber Advocate will provide ongoing cybersecurity counseling and host regular touchpoints
  • Your Cyber Advocate will complement the work of your MSP or current IT providers

Through regular touchpoints, your Cyber Advocate will help ensure that your company continues to become better protected from and prepared against cyberthreats. Your Cyber Advocate will walk you through our cybersecurity platform, talk to you in plain language and help you understand, improve, and mitigate your cybersecurity risk.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“From my day-to-day operative aspects, having an assigned point of contact that stays on top of our cyber metrics and needs, and is readily available to answer related questions, is essential.”

Lidia Saulitis, Director of Administration, Bridge Business Credit

“I think it’s just the open lines of communication that SensCy has enabled. They are truly customer service focused, and I feel like if there’s any question we have or any insecurity we have, we know who our team members are that we can reach out to. They keep in constant contact with us.”

Priscilla Perkins, CEO, Accounting Aid Society

Meet Your Cyber Advocate

Sarah Woys

Cyber Advocate

Why does my organization need a Cyber Advocate?

Large corporations often benefit from access to an in-house team of cyber experts – in addition to their Managed Service Provider (MSP) – dedicated to protecting the company from cyberattacks, managing vulnerability scans, and monitoring cyberhealth. Small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) often don’t have that luxury. The SensCy Cyber Advocate bridges this gap in access to cyber knowledge and services by connecting your SMO with your own cybersecurity professional dedicated to managing and improving your organization’s cyberhealth.

How will my Cyber Advocate work with my current Managed Service Provider (MSP) or current IT crew?

The Cyber Advocate works closely with your Managed Service Provider and/or internal IT team. We do not displace managed service providers or IT teams. Our services complement the work they are currently doing. Think of us as your cybersecurity team; we only focus on cybersecurity, while your IT team has a plethora of responsibilities outside the cybersecurity space.

How often will my Cyber Advocate be in contact with me?

Your Cyber Advocate will work closely with you during the onboarding process (4-6 weeks) and will continue to conduct two monthly touchpoints with you and your team. You also can contact your Cyber Advocate when you need a question answered or cybersecurity advice. Cyber Advocate may also reach out to you if we notice a cybersecurity matter that needs to be urgently addressed.

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