Cyber Alerts

Protect your brand, people, and supply chain from vulnerabilities

Our clients feel empowered to focus on their businesses knowing that SensCy will reach out immediately to help you take care of vulnerabilities when they arise. We keep our finger on the pulse of the cybersecurity landscape, so that SMOs can focus on conducting business as usual.

  • Cyber Alerts help you protect your brand, people, and supply chain by ensuring security of your systems

  • We notify clients of vulnerabilities in their systems via email 

  • Our clients can focus on conducting their business knowing we will reach out immediately to patch vulnerabilities

Our clients can sleep better at night knowing we’re keeping tabs on their networks and on the dark web. If we locate a vulnerability, we reach out immediately via email with a Cyber Alert that contains instructions on how to remedy the issue. Our Cyber Alerts enable SMOs to safely conduct business knowing we’ll keep them up-to-speed on vulnerabilities in their systems.

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