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Let’s say you are the owner of a jewelry store. If a thief robs your store, your insurance company will likely cover the cost of damages and lost inventory. But if you never enrolled in cyber insurance and a hacker stole your business’s customer data, you’ll likely have to absorb the financial loss and reputational risk on your own.

  • SMOs without cyber insurance face significant risk of financial loss in the event of a cyberattack

  • Cyber insurance protects businesses from the impact of cyberattacks, which typical commercial liability policies do not cover

  • We help SMOs like yours assess gaps in existing coverage and enroll in the right cyber insurance policy

Over 60% of small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) already enrolled in cyber insurance, and the leaders of these organizations can likely attest to the tiring, tedious process of finding and enrolling in the right policy for their organization. We take this hassle off the plate of business leaders like you by helping you locate and enroll in the policy that best fits your organization’s needs.

What is cyber insurance and why do you need it?

Cyber insurance protects businesses from the impact of cyber crimes such as data breaches. These policies mitigate costs associated with a cyberattack at your organization, which are not typically covered in commercial liability policies. For many SMOs, the cost of a data breach could be devastating. A recent IBM report notes that the average cost of a data breach totaled $4.35 million in 2022, marking a seven-year high. These costs, while much higher than what most SMOs would suffer, are indicators of the growing magnitude of cyberthreats.

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