Cyber Policy Library

Sleep better at night with policies in place to mitigate the risk of cybercrime at your small or medium-sized organization (SMO).

We help SMO leaders like you feel confident in their organization’s ability to manage cybersecurity risks with access to a library of 12 ready-to-use cybersecurity policies. Our clients implement cyber best practices at their organization via 24/7 access to their cyber policy library on their Cyberhealth Dashboard.

You will receive:

Our Cyber Advocates help SMOs like yours roll out cybersecurity policies. Large corporations have the financial means to dedicate entire teams toward developing cybersecurity policies. SMOs often don’t have that luxury, so we bridge this gap in resources by providing clients with cybersecurity policies that suit their needs. 

Why does my organization need a cyber policy library?

Over 80% of cyberattacks could have been avoided if basic cybersecurity hygiene was implemented and understood by employees. Your organization can avoid being part of this statistic by providing employees with cybersecurity policies they can understand and implement. We offer clients a cyber policy library of 12 policies written in easily understood language, ready for your organization to adopt and implement.

How do I ensure employees understand and follow the policies?

Our Cyber Advocates help SMOs implement cyber policies at your organization. Employees receive training and 24/7 access to the policies via their Cyberhealth Dashboard.

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