Cyberhealth Dashboard

Measurable results, personalized for your small to medium-sized organization

We put business leaders in the driver’s seat of their cybersecurity with 24/7 access to their organization’s cyber tools and data via their Cyberhealth Dashboard. Our clients gain access to a personalized Cyberhealth Dashboard, which houses their cybersecurity metrics, employee awareness training, external scanning data, and more.

Your Cyberhealth Dashboard allows you to:

Track your organization’s cyberhealth improvement and more on the Cyberhealth Dashboard.

Why does my organization need a Cyberhealth Dashboard?

Over 80% of cyberattacks could have been avoided if basic cybersecurity hygiene was implemented. While large corporations often benefit from access to an in-house team of cyber experts who can monitor the company’s cybersecurity posture, small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) often don’t have that luxury, leaving many of them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Your Cyberhealth Dashboard allows your organization to understand and monitor key cyber metrics, bridging the gap between the resources available to SMOs vs those available to large corporations.

Who has access to my dashboard?

Each of your employees will receive a login to the dashboard that allows them to access employee awareness training. It’s up to you to decide which users can access your organization’s cyberhealth improvement data. We recommend giving your executives and IT leaders access to this data to allow them to stay up-to-date on your cybersecurity progress and program.

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