Phishing Training

Protect your brand, people, and supply chain from the most common type of cyberattack.

We help SMOs like yours protect their brand, employees, and supply chain from the financial loss and reputational risk that could follow a successful phishing scam. Sent most commonly via email, phishing attempts capitalize on organizations’ weakest security link: their employees. In just one click, an employees can escalate a simple phishing email into a supply chain-threatening ransomware attack.

  • Hackers deliver more serious cybercrime like ransomware attacks via phishing

  • SMOs experience 350% more phishing attempts than large companies

  • We help SMOs like yours train their employees on identifying phishing attempts

According to Forbes, an employee at a smaller organization will experience 350% more social engineering attacks than one at a large corporation. It’s now more important than ever to train your employees on how to identify phishing attempts, and our services include routine phishing training and in-depth guidance on identifying social engineering attempts.

How does SensCy train employees against phishing?

We provide friendly phishing tests to keep your employees vigilant against the most common type of cyberattack. SensCy administers and tracks all of the data related to these exercises and reports the progress to you monthly. Our employee awareness training also provides in-depth guidance on how to identify phishing attempts and maintain vigilance against social engineering attacks.

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