About SensCy

SensCy, a cybersecurity start-up, launched in July 2022 to help small and medium-sized organizations through a high-tech, high-touch model. Last year alone, cyberattacks on SMOs increased by over 400%. SensCy brings a sensible cyber solution to SMOs that includes sound policy, best practices, education, and a clear understanding of their cyberhealth to dramatically reduce their chances of a catastrophic cybersecurity event.

“SMOs find cyber solutions to be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming, unlike larger organizations who might have greater resources” Rick Snyder, SensCy CEO said. “SensCy’s sole focus is to improve the cyberhealth of small and medium-sized organizations, ensuring that they are prepared to respond should a cyberattack occur. We offer our clients an affordable, easily understood solution and the personal attention required to create a proactive cybersecurity culture to help mitigate their risk.”

SensCy is made up of senior executives who have over 100 years of IT and cybersecurity experience and are recognized experts in our field. Company management also possesses extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise where the founders have started and managed multiple successful startups, raised capital and have served thousands of customers.

Job brief

SensCy is looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern or full-time candidate to join our marketing & growth department and provide creative ideas to help achieve our business goals. You will have duties in supporting and implementing marketing strategies.

You will collaborate with our marketing/growth team in all stages of marketing campaigns. Your insightful contribution will help support, develop, expand, and maintain our marketing channels.

This position will help you acquire marketing skills and provide you with knowledge of various marketing strategies. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience in marketing and should be prepared to enter any fast-paced work environment, including a possible full-time position at SensCy.


  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns
  • Perform market analysis and research on competition
  • Support the marketing team in daily tasks, including organizing demos with prospects
  • Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g., social media, digital marketing)
  • Conduct market research and analyze consumer rating reports/questionnaires
  • Employ marketing analytics techniques to gather important data (social media, web analytics, rankings etc.)
  • Update spreadsheets, databases, and inventories with statistical, financial, and non-financial information
  • Assist in the organizing of promotional events and traditional or digital campaigns and attend them to facilitate their success
  • Prepare and deliver promotional presentations
  • Develop short videos for YouTube and website
  • Compose and post online content on the company’s website and social media accounts
  • Write marketing literature (brochures, press releases, etc.) to augment the company’s presence in the market
  • Manage and update company database and customer relationship management systems (CRM) in HubSpot
  • Help organize marketing events (virtual & in person)

Requirements and skills

  • Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
  • Solid understanding of different marketing techniques
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Familiarity with marketing computer software and online applications (e.g., CRM tools, Online analytics, and Google AdWords)
  • Expert with social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Passion for the marketing industry and its best practices
  • Current enrollment in a related higher education program