Rick Snyder Announces the Launch of SensCy, a New Cybersecurity Company Focused on Helping Small and Medium-sized Organizations (SMOs)

Published On: July 25, 2022Categories: Company News, Press Releases

Tuesday, July 26, 2022                                                                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — SensCy, a cybersecurity start-up, launched today to help small and medium-sized organizations through a high-tech, high-touch model. Last year alone, cyberattacks on SMOs increased by over 400%. SensCy brings a sensible cyber solution to SMOs that includes sound policy, best practices, education, and a clear understanding of their cyberhealth to dramatically reduce their chances of a catastrophic cybersecurity event.

“SMOs find cyber solutions to be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming, unlike larger organizations who might have greater resources” Snyder said. “SensCy’s sole focus is to improve the cyberhealth of small and medium-sized organizations, ensuring that they are prepared to respond should a cyberattack occur. We offer our clients an affordable, easily understood solution and the personal attention required to create a proactive cybersecurity culture to help mitigate their risk.”

In addition to Rick Snyder, SensCy is founded by three other senior executives, Bhushan Kulkarni, David Behen, and Dave Kelly. Company management possesses over 100 years of IT and cybersecurity experience, extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise, and are recognized experts in their fields. The founders have started and managed multiple successful startups, raised capital and have served thousands of customers.

SensCy has partnered with the Small Business Association of Michigan to offer its services to SBAM members. “More than ever, small businesses need to be protected from cyberattacks,” said SBAM Senior Vice President Scott Lyon. “However, typically cyber solutions are too expensive and complicated for small businesses. This new partnership connects small businesses with cybersecurity services at an affordable rate, from a Michigan-based company.”

“Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and intrusions pose risks for each financial services firm, and its reputation. Finance companies need to ensure that the approach they adopted remains flexible and resilient to address threats that are likely to be constantly evolving and multi-pronged. Given all of the above, we purposely researched a number of firms and chose SensCy as our provider. They stood at the top of our decision matrix and we could not be more satisfied in our selection” says a Beta client in the financial sector.

For additional information about SensCy, visit www.senscy.com
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What does SensCy do?

SensCy provides a hybrid solution combining a technology platform and people to support SMOs in improving their cyberhealth in clear, manageable, affordable terms. In our view, a technology solution alone is not a good solution for most SMOs. Real people, not bots or tools, need to provide guidance to a SMO’s leadership. SensCy provides a dedicated cybersecurity advocate assigned to each client along with an easy-to-understand dashboard and tool set.

What is a “cyber health check”?

It is SensCy’s proprietary algorithm assessment which all of our clients take once they are onboarded into our technology platform and dashboard. It is a plain language snapshot of your cyberhealth.

What is a “cyber health score”?

Think of your cyber health score like your credit score for cybersecurity. Once you take the SensCy cyber health check assessment you immediately receive a cyber health score which is the basis of putting together your cyberhealth plan to increase your score over time. The score is displayed prominently on your dashboard so you can closely watch your progress and keep your organization accountable as it relates to cybersecurity.

Do I really need cybersecurity policies and an Incident Response Plan for my company?

Cybersecurity policies are needed for any organization as they provide excellent education and awareness about how you can individually, and collectively, protect your organization. It is critical to have an Incident Response Plan if you fall prey to a cyberattack. This includes work to be done prior to, and after the cyberattack. We will help you develop and implement a mutually agreeable plan to best protect you in case of an attack.

How important is cybersecurity education and awareness to protecting your company?

80% of the problem can be solved by correct cyber hygiene rather than chasing the latest advanced technology. One of the best ways to protect your organization (and your home, too) is to have a proactive cybersecurity education and awareness program. Some of the consequences of not educating your team could be having hackers take all your data hostage until you pay them a ransom. Hackers are often seeking Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or financial information since this often results in immediate financial gains for the bad guys.

How is SensCy different than our managed service provider?

Managed service providers are good, hard-working, IT folks that we want to partner with. The primary mission of a managed service provider is to ensure your IT systems are operational; cybersecurity has become an additional responsibility for them. We focus solely on cybersecurity which can help them be more successful in their other activities. Generally, we would partner with both you and the managed service provider to implement parts of your cyber health plan.


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