SensCy CTO Dave Kelly in the Las Vegas Review-Journal | MGM Resorts cyberattack

Published On: September 12, 2023Categories: Company News, Industry News

The Las Vegas Review-Journal featured SensCy CTO Dave Kelly in its article about the recent cyberattack against MGM Resorts. Read an excerpt below:


“The fact that they took their systems down, like proactively took their systems down, is the indication that it is a cybersecurity incident,” said Dave Kelly, co-founder and chief technology officer of SensCy. “The reason why you do that is that you don’t want it to spread further.”

“They probably didn’t know to what extent they’d been compromised,” said Chris Neuwirth, senior penetration tester and ethical hacker at NetWorks Group. “They probably didn’t know how many accounts were compromised or the initial entry point that the threat actor used to gain access into the network.”

Michigan averted disaster

So, did the university avoid a disaster? Neuwirth thinks it very well could have, a report in the Slashdot blog on issues related to cybersecurity said.

“They likely had very robust backups and data recovery, plans, procedures in place that helped them make the decision very confidently and rapidly,” he said. “Four days in that they’re already bringing up their systems tells me that it’s likely that a lot of what they had been preparing for worked.”

Kelly said those types of incidents are on the rise.

“There’s been a large increase in cybersecurity incidents,” he said. “It’s been trending up, quite frankly, for the last several years. It used to be that these threat actors were targeting the government and Fortune 500 companies, but they’ve started to, more and more over the years, look at universities.”


Read the full article here.

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