SensCy’s Rick Snyder and David Behen Appear on Richard Helppie’s Common Bridge

Published On: December 18, 2023Categories: Company News, Industry News

Rick Snyder, SensCy CEO, and David Behen, the co-founder and Chief Client Success Officer, bring their expertise to the fore in this podcast with Richard Helppie.


Small and medium-sized businesses lacking dedicated IT security resources can find solace in the insights offered by cybersecurity experts.

The professional journeys of Rick Snyder and David Behen shed light on SensCy’s inception and the critical importance of cybersecurity, a concern that demands attention across the board.

Businesses, the next targets for cybercriminals, can gain valuable insights from David Behen’s expertise. Discussions delve into the vulnerabilities faced by small and medium-sized organizations, dissecting cybercriminal tactics and how SensCy provides essential protective measures. Practical strategies, including leveraging automatic software updates, password managers, and virtual private networks, are explored to bolster online security.

The conversation also extends to the significance of incident response plans and cyber insurance in today’s evolving threat landscape. Rick and David elaborate on the challenges businesses encounter in securing cyber insurance and how SenSai offers assistance, providing crucial insights into fortifying the digital realm.

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