Third Party Cyber Risk

Organizations collaborate with third parties from vendors, partners, consultants to customers. These third parties are critical to data security, privacy and  0perations. Current process of evaluating cyber risks of third-parties are mostly using self completed questionnaires. This is inadequate and outdated. Our solution provides a robust third party cyber assessment that provides a tangible cybersecurity health score (SensCy Score™), does persistent vulnerability scans to detect gaps and allows for continuous visibility into your vendor partners cyber posture. This provides leaders the information they need to inform key decision makers and stakeholders about the third party cyber risks. A game-changer!

Continuous monitoring of the cybersecurity health of your third party is a critical component of an overall risk management strategy, as it helps organizations proactively identify and manage potential risks, improve their security posture, and avoid costly security incidents.

Cyber Risk Evaluations to meet today’s evolving threats


Provides a numeric reference of of your third parties cyberhealth. It is like a credit score for Cyber hygiene. It provides a consistent evaluation and ability to easily identify high risk third parties.


Perform persistent vulnerability scans of your third parties external network and dark web. Provides summarized report and alerts for key changes in cyber threats.


Provide 3rd Party Cyber Risk briefing to your leadership team or board members. The briefing will include a summary of third-party cyberhealth, high-risk third-parties and state of cybersecurity.


Online portal for one stop easy access at any time. Provides a dashboard for continuous year-round assessment of your third parties cyberhealth.

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