SensCy CTO Dave Kelly on CBS News | Internet Outage at University of Michigan due to Cyberattack

Published On: September 1, 2023Categories: Company News, Industry News

CBS Detroit interviewed SensCy CTO, Dave Kelly, to learn about what caused this week’s internet outage at the University of Michigan. Read the full article and hear from SensCy CTO Dave Kelly here.


ANN ARBOR, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) – The University of Michigan announced Wednesday morning that its internet connectivity and Wi-Fi network had been restored after a prolonged outage.

University President Santa J. Ono announced that an investigation into what the school called a “security issue” is ongoing.

The outage paralyzed all three U-M campuses right as the fall semester began.

“People would be outside of the quads with their phones trying to get service,” said student Milia Mladjan. “But everyone was trying to get service, so service was also really slow.”

“My parents were trying to reach me, and I had no service. I couldn’t reach them,” said student Maddy Scarth. “So, they were trying to call the school, and of course, the school couldn’t call anyone else, so all around, it was definitely really stressful.”


Read the whole article and hear from SensCy CTO Dave Kelly here.

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