What We Do

We offer our clients a high-tech, high-touch model.

We provide a personalized concierge service by having a cybersecurity person dedicated to each of our customers. 95% of successful cybersecurity attacks are caused by employees making avoidable mistakes. It is critically important for small business leaders to understand this dynamic and there is no better way than through personal touchpoints. We ensure that small businesses have the proper education, sound policy, best practices, and a clear understanding of their cyberhealth, thereby dramatically reducing the chances of a catastrophic cybersecurity event.

Personal interactions in plain language bring:

  • A plan of action to prioritize with updates on progress
  • Regular common-sense reports to important stakeholders
  • Alerts to real time urgent actions needed
  • Assistance in obtaining the right cyber insurance coverage

Tech Platform brings:

  • Overall Cyber Health Score that provides a benchmark of success
  • Measurements of key cyber health metrics
  • A library of critical policies that SMOs should be following
  • Training & Incident Response planning
  • Updates on important events happening in the cyber world


We’re Small

20 or fewer company issued email addresses


per month

We’re Growing

21 – 100 company issued email addresses


per month

We’re Getting Big

101 – 250 company issued email addresses


per month

We’re Big

More than 250 company issued email addresses

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  • We will independently measure your cyberhealth with our assessment and provide you with a score
  • We will develop a prioritized action plan to help improve your cyberhealth
  • We will provide advice on how to correct any issues we find
  • We will dedicate a cybersecurity person to you who will speak in plain language
  • We will write a cybersecurity policy guide for your company
  • We will help with cybersecurity training for all employees
  • We will help develop a meaningful and manageable Incident Response Plan

  • We will perform external vulnerability scans and phishing campaigns, notify you of any concerns, and provide suggested remediations

  • We will monitor the Dark Web, notify you if any of your data or credentials have been compromised, and provide suggested remediations

  • Our team will coordinate and partner with your internal and/or external IT resources
  • We will share what we learn from our work with other SMOs and our relationships in the broader cyberworld

  • We will offer cyber security briefings for your leadership team, key stakeholders or board members
  • We will help you with your cybersecurity coverage – to apply, properly fill out forms, make sure that ransomware is addressed, and what can be done to reduce cybersecurity premiums
  • We will recommend specialized vendors to help address specific areas of need, at discounted costs whenever possible

Our Goal:

We want to be your trusted guide to good cybersecurity health.

Much like your family physician who focuses on your overall health and coordinates your care, we are your trusted guide for the cybersecurity world. We will focus on your overall cybersecurity health, and we will help you find and manage specialists for specific cyber needs when warranted.


Frequently-Asked Questions

You are! Everyone is! The question is how much risk? Most SMOs cybersecurity health is poor to average, which increases the chances of cyberattack exponentially. Our cybersecurity health assessment will score you and show you areas of highest risk.

Some hackers target specific organizations or industries. Others launch attacks on hundreds, thousands, and millions of targets to see who they can penetrate. If you have a digital device, you are a target.

Hackers may hold all your data hostage until you pay them a ransom. Hackers usually prefer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or financial information since this often results in immediate financial gains to the bad guys.

It is critical to have an Incident Response Plan if you fall prey to a cyberattack. This includes work to be done prior to, and after the cyberattack. We will help you develop and implement a mutually agreeable plan to best protect you in case of an attack.

Managed service providers are generally good, hard working, IT folks that we want to partner with. The primary mission of a managed service provider is to ensure your IT systems are operational; cybersecurity has become an additional responsibility for them. We focus solely on cybersecurity which can help them be more successful in their other activities. Generally, we would partner with you and them to implement parts of your cyber health plan.

Our focus is on small-sized and medium-sized organizations. While this is a large group, every organization in this category needs to address their cybersecurity health. Common frustrations for SMOs are an inability to get or afford full time cyber help and the complicated and confusing process of obtaining cyber insurance. We will be your trusted partner to help you in plain language terms.

We start with a cyberhealth assessment which leads to your customized and prioritized cyberhealth plan. Then, we will help implement your cyberhealth plan and keep you up to date on your cyberhealth as well as the cyber world. We ask for an annual subscription and your commitment to help us help you.

We will work with you on your cyber insurance forms, needs, claims, etc. We are not an insurance broker or agent, rather we will work with you and your insurance people on navigating to a good cyberinsurance solution for you.

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