Who Needs Cyber Insurance? Lunch & Learn Webinar for Business Leaders

Watch the recorded webinar here:

With great digital power comes great cybersecurity responsibility.

Businesses today can process credit card transactions and collect countless customer data points like email addresses or social security numbers with a single click.

After seeing a 423% increase in cyberattacks against small and mid-sized organizations in 2023, today’s business leaders must understand the importance of protecting sensitive data like customer information against cyber risks. That’s why business leaders invest in cyber liability insurance to protect against financial loss from a cyberattack.

But how do we work to reduce the risk of having to use insurance in the first place?

Join SensCy and General Agency Company for a crash course in cyber insurance, where you can not only learn how to protect your business through cyber liability insurance but also how to reduce your cyber risks in the first place.

The 45-minute session covers:

– How to understand your cyber risks and how build an insurance plan around it
– Identifying the difference between a good cyber product and an add-on
– Insuring your revenue

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