Vulnerability Scanning & Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your brand, people, and supply chain from cyber vulnerabilities.

Our clients feel empowered to focus on their businesses knowing that SensCy is performing 24/7 vulnerability scanning and dark web monitoring for their organization. SMOs need vulnerability scanning tools for various reasons, from wanting to implement a proactive approach against bad actors, to needing to comply with industry-mandated requirements.

  • External scanning and dark web monitoring protects your brand, people, and supply chain from cyberattacks by ensuring security of your systems

  • We notify clients of vulnerabilities in their systems or exposures on the dark web via email 

  • Vulnerability scanning is often necessary to comply with industry-mandated requirements

SensCy’s vulnerability scanning helps clients sleep better at night by keeping tabs on their networks and on the dark web. If we notice a vulnerability in one of their networks, we reach out immediately via email with instructions on how to remedy the issue. Vulnerability scanning plays a critical role in the maintenance of SMO’s cybersecurity, therefore enabling SMOs to safely conduct business.

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