Employee Cyber Awareness Training

Transform your weakest cybersecurity link into your first line of defense.

We help SMOs like yours protect their brand, employees, and supply chain from the risk of cyberattack by training their employees on best cybersecurity practices.  Hackers recognize that humans are the weakest link in an organization’s cybersecurity; 88% of data breaches are related to employee errors. In just one click, one of your employees can escalate a phishing email into a business-threatening ransomware attack.

  • 88% of data breaches are related to employee error

  • Employee cybersecurity training saves organizations an average of $250,000

  • Self-service training portal and bi-monthly training sessions provided on the Cyberhealth Dashboard 

Our employee cyber awareness training empowers business leaders to manage the risks cybercrime poses to their SMOs. Our clients proactively protect their brand, people, and ecosystem by mitigating their risk of cyberattacks through employee cyber training.

Enable your SMO to survive the financial damage that follows a successful cyberattack.

According to IBM, business leaders like you can mitigate the cost of a data breach at your organization by an average of $250,000 by implementing employee cyber awareness training.

What does SensCy employee cyber training look like?

We release a new training video every other month on our clients’ Cyberhealth Dashboards. We create the videos to train employees at SMOs on how to stop the bad guys from gaining access to their organization’s online systems. The videos are short (3-7 minutes), funny, and have memorable content. A short quiz pops up after the video to ensure information is retained.

How can I track my employees’ progress?

SensCy takes care of tracking progress, and our Cyber Advocates update clients monthly with reports on the work their team has completed.

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